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Man in the Rain, New York City, 1952.

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White Crater, Bandung. Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih lake (7.10° S 107.24° E) is one of the two craters which make up Mount Patuha, an andesitic stratovolcano (a “composite” volcano). Mt Patuha is one of numerous volcanoes in Java. Kawah Putih crater lake itself represents a relatively stable volcanic system with no records of significant activity since around 1600. (source)

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Please take a look at this trailer for Sepideh, a documentary which follows the life of a young girl in Iran who dreams of becoming an astronaut.

Happy Malala Day, Smart Girls!

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Nightmares are dreams too, Can Pekdemir

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Cowboy Bebop (1998)
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So many things!

Work OK’d a laptop so I could work from home. Then they rescinded that. Then they gave it back to me.

That was fun.

I still have to show up to the office twice a week and the laptop is on a very conditional basis, as in I am only allowed to have it for the next two weeks, but that is better than nothing.

I’ll be able to be home for my father and his busted leg. HR were kind of dicks about it, but my manager pulled through.

Also work related: I was scouted by a medical focused IT company out of Bethlehem. Its what I do now but hands on. I would go to different doctor’s offices and fix their computers as well as work in hospitals. Some of the time, I would be able to work remotely (which is exactly what I do now).

$28/hr - Systems Coordinator position. That is more than twice of what I currently make. The commute is the same, but at $53k/yr I think I’ll be able to afford a place nearby.

I’m putting the wheels in motion and setting up an interview. They reached out to me this morning and all day I’ve been deciding what to do. I talked to a few people for advice. This is the route to take.

Even if I get another promotion at my current place of employment, I’d be making roughly $20k/yr less and doing a lot more work.

I’ll have money to move to Vegas in no time and this new job will boost my resume greatly.

Good things.

I have been on the verge of serious anxiety all week, but I’m keeping it together like a pro.

The move. Dad and his mangled leg. A dear friend’s life-changing surgery. Issues at work.

I honestly feel at any moment I’m just going to walk out on everything, but at the same time I’m embracing all of this. I’ll take pride in the fact that I’m being pulled every which way and still rocking it.

I’ll get through this and be an even more awesome person for it.

If only my mother would grow up and just deal though. I’m tired of her complaining all the time.

Welp! Once I get this new job I won’t have to deal with that anymore!!

So much to do.

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Hey, matthewgaydos :)

GAH! That is amazing!

Awesome thoughts on identity inspired by Nick Jenkins, developed and spoken by Matthew Gaydos, and marketed beautifully by Risa Rodil.

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This week It’s Okay to be Smart and BrainCraft have teamed up to teach us about our brains!

Watch “Why Your Brain Is In Your Head” on Joe’s channel here:

Watch “This Is How Your Brain Grows” on Vanessa’s channel here:

Check out this week’s It’s Okay To Be Smart!!!

I teamed up with the awesome neuroscience channel BrainCraft this week to bring you two awesome brain stories!! And while you’re at it, enjoy these GIF(t)s!